Are you a perfectionist? Are you stressed or in pain? Call a life coach!

we can help you to:

become gentle with yourself,

quit suffering from stress and pain,

find harmony in your relationships at work and at home,

experience improved health,

realize joy and peace

with energy therapies and life coaching!

About Ines Hoster, MS, HTCP/I, CTACC


I'm Here For You

Are you struggling with:  being a perfectionist? not feeling good enough? not being worth it? being hard on yourself? suffering from physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain? 

I have helped hundreds of clients and thousands of students in the last 20 years to heal from their wounds and trauma, so they can live with a purpose, in peace and joy.  I, too, had to struggle with loss of job and income, sad times and life threatening illness.  However, those experiences have given me strength, more love and wisdom to help others on their healing journey. 


Professionalism and Experience

 Hundreds of clients had struggled for a long time and regained hope, zest for life and experienced healing while working with me for pain relief.  For the last 20 years

I have seen clients in the US and Europe in my private practice or via

long distance work using my skills and wisdom as a

 Life Coach and Energy therapy specialist. 

 With  my individualized, heart-centered and effective support,  

allow me to help you heal 

so that you can create the life you want and experience a renewed sense of self, filled with vitality and enthusiasm. 

Life is a Journey

All of us are on our life journey, experience success, pain, struggles, traumas,  and joy, We can help you to let go of old thought patterns and emotional responses that don't serve you any more, so you can experience renewed appreciation of the gifts you have and the joys life has to offer. 

Allow me to become your co-traveler and guide you on your path to wholeness with joy and humor, connected in spirit. 



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